Our Workers' Compensation Lawyer Represents the Defense or Plaintiff

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Orenstein & Associates, PC handles the defense and prosecution of businesses and their insurance carriers in workers' compensation claims. Our firm is located in Northbrook, IL, and we represent clients throughout the state.

You can rely on our workers' compensation lawyer's extensive trial experience. Let's discuss your case in detail-contact Orenstein & Associates, PC today to schedule your free consultation.

Considering filing a workers' compensation lawsuit?

Considering filing a workers' compensation lawsuit?

Orenstein & Associates, PC will work to negotiate a settlement offer that covers your out-of-pocket medical expenses or lost wages. You won't regret hiring our workers' compensation lawyer because...

  • We'll do the fact-finding. While you recuperate, our plaintiff lawyer will investigate the accident scene, consult with specialists and gather evidence supporting your claim.
  • We'll arm you with invaluable information. We conduct file review meetings and seminars to educate our clients about workers' compensation law in Illinois.
  • We'll be your advocate. Whether you're seeking litigation or arbitration, you can rely on our plaintiff lawyer to represent your best interests.
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